Revolutionising urban spaces: Clean Air Street collaboration 

Revolutionising urban spaces: Clean Air Street collaboration 

In a pioneering collaboration, Energy Systems Catapult and Connected Places Catapult joined forces with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Urban Morph, and the Department of Urban Land Transport (DULT) Bengaluru,…

23 January 2024

Showcasing innovations on Clean Air Street

SMEs enjoyed a unique platform to showcase their electrified vehicles, gaining exposure to potential customers and essential consumer feedback. ​

Linking with the EV ecosystem

The exposure gained through the initiative became a powerful tool for SMEs, establishing relationships with new partners and generating leads.

Encouraging citizen awareness

This engagement experience went beyond showcasing products; it allowed SMEs to share their vision and establish a meaningful dialogue with the community.

Assessing local economic impact

Feedback from businesses on the street provided evidence for DULT to consider pedestrianisation measures in other parts of the city, showcasing the potential economic impact of such initiatives.

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